Yukon University


This transition is not an overnight event. It's a process that we’ve been engaged in for a number of years. We are about ¾ of the way through. Other universities that have made this transition have said that we can expect it to take, at minimum, 10-15 years.

The graphic below represents some of the work that is currently underway, in partnership with the Government of the Yukon. We are currently working towards a transition that may be ready to take place by spring of 2020.

From Yukon College to Yukon University

Below are some of the contributing milestones and years in which they'll be undertaken and completed on our journey to become Yukon University.

Year Milestone
2015 Land use plan - COMPLETED
2015–2016 Program and services review, university transition budget, and YC socio-economic impact study - COMPLETED
2016-2017 Development of external quality assurance (QA) process (YG), submission to external QA Board, and development of a variety of integrated operational plans - COMPLETED
2017-2018 Launch of Climate Change and Public Policy post-graduate certificate (COMPLETED) and Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Governance
2017-2018 Launch of Bachelor of Business Administration
2018-2019 Development of rebranding plan, Yukon University Act approved in the Legislature
2019-2020 Implementation of brand across all campuses and the Yukon University Act. First graduates of our inaugural degree.